Working at Height

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What is ‘work at height’?
A place is ‘at height’ if a person could be injured falling from it, even if it is at or below ground level.

Do the rules apply to you?
The Work at Height Regulations apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury. They place duties on employers, the self-employed, and any person who controls the work of others (eg. facilities managers or building owners who may contract others to work at height) to the extent they control the work.

Employees Responsibilities:
• Report any safety hazard to your Supervisor
• Use the equipment supplied (including safety devices) properly
• Follow any training and instructions (unless you think that would be unsafe,highlight to your employer before continuing)

Your Employers Responsibilities Are To Ensure:
• All work at height is properly planned and organised
• Takes account of weather conditions that could endanger health and safety
• Those involved in work at height are trained and competent
• The place where work at height is done is safe
• Equipment for work at height is appropriately inspected
• The risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled
• The risks from falling objects are properly controlled

When Planning work at Height Your Employer Must:
• Ensure no work is done at height if it is safe to do it other than at height
• Ensure that the work is planned, supervised, and carried out in as safe a way as possible
• Plan for emergencies and rescue
• Take account of the risk assessments carried out
• Where they cannot eliminate the risk of a fall, use work equipment or other measures to minimize the distance and consequences of a fall
• Use work equipment and measures to prevent falls where working at height can’t be avoided
• Avoid work at height where possible

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