Specific Industries

We look after a multitude of business types from construction sites to GP surgeries.

The Construction SafetyTeam

They specialise in assisting you implement safe systems of work. They will make sure you will comply with the regulations and rules involved in construction work.
The team help by carrying out site inspections and communicating short falls and good practices which will help you work safer and more effective, as well as writing risk assessments and method statements to help highlight risks and demonstrate how you deliver health and safety throughout your business.

The Engineering Safety Team

They assist our manufacturing and logistic sectors to produce procedures and safe systems of work for all work processes, equipment and machinery. Work shop inspections are carried out to identify any shortfalls and good practices, with a written report received after completion.

The Office Safety Team

Even though an office is low risk, there are still risks and hazards associated with them. The team assist you by carrying out display screen equipment (DSE) assessments, risk and COSHH assessments specific to your business and surroundings. They can also carry out portable appliance testing (PAT) on office equipment and portable appliances as well as carry out fire risk assessments.

The Logistics Safety Team

Specialise in the transport and logistics sectors.

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