Site Transport

General precautions

  • Never be tempted to drive site transport unless you have been properly trained.
  • You must hold a CPCS card, if necessary an appropriate class of driving licence has been authorised.
  • Drivers of site transport should carry out daily pre-use checks of their vehicles and report any defects found.
  • Many people are injured or killed by site transport that is reversing without the assistance of a signaler.
  • The very nature of some site transport means that the driver has only limited visibility from the driving position.
  • Drivers should obey site speed limits and one-way systems.
  • When parking, ensure the hand brake is on and the wheels are chocked if necessary.  Many accidents have been caused by items of runaway site transport.
  • If site transport is left where children might congregate after working hours, ensure it is immobilised and in a safe state.
  • Use stop-blocks where provided to prevent over-running.
  • Site transport should be only refueled at designated refueling points by operatives who have been trained.

Site transport for carrying people

  • Drivers of people-carrying site transport have a particularly important responsibility; theirs is a valuable cargo.
  • In many cases, it will be advisable to exclude people-carrying site transport, such as crew buses, from all but access roads.
  • People-carrying site transport is more likely to travel on public highways and so must comply with relevant legislation.
  • Passengers on people-carrying site transport must always act in a responsible manner and not endanger the vehicle.

What is the company policy for ensuring the competency of site transport drivers?



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