Security on Site

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What the law says

  • Under the law, trespassers have the right to expect not to be put at risk if they enter a construction site, particularly children who are less aware of danger.
  • The CDM Regulations place a specific duty on the Principal Contractor to ensure unauthorised persons do not gain access to the site.

Some risks to the unwary

  • Children often find that construction sites are exciting places to play – ensure they cannot gain access after normal working hours.
  • Power tools, plant and equipment may be too tempting if not disabled or locked away; they could be stolen or cause injury to the inexperienced.
  • Hazardous substances which you may be familiar with and use daily may cause serious injury to unauthorised persons; lock them away when not in use.

Removing Temptation

  • Ensure that an effective system of access control is operated.
  • Remove ladders from scaffolds or securely board up the lower rungs to prevent access at the end of each working day.
  • Check that the perimeter hoarding or fencing is intact and is to a standard which does not encourage unauthorised entry.
  • Remove keys from view and secure any tools, equipment and materials which might tempt thieves on to the site after normal working hours.

Dealing with trespassers

  • Ask suspected trespasses who they wish to see and, if necessary, escort them to site security.  If they are genuine visitors, the will not mind being challenged.
  • Ensure that trespassing children are escorted off the site immediately.
  • Do not put yourself in a position where you could be accused of assault.



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