Safety Harnesses

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  • Falling and striking your head and body against the structure.
  • Falling out of a poorly adjusted harness.
  • The sudden stop of the harness and line may cause shock injuries.
  • Poorly maintained and damaged harnesses will not protect you.
  • Not fixing lanyard to structure or safety line.
  • Lanyard fixed to an unsuitable anchor point.


  • You have a legal obligation to use the safety equipment provided to you.
  • You employer has a duty to train you in the use, maintenance, and storage of safety equipment and it must be thoroughly inspected every 6 months.
  • You must ensure you are trained how to check, wear, adjust and connect the harness to a line or structure.
  • A shock absorber fitted to the harness can reduce the risk of injury from shock loads.
  • Always attach yourself from a safe position; attach yourself before you require the protection of the harness.
  • Attach the lanyard above yourself where possible.
  • Only qualified personnel are to install equipment to which harnesses are attached.
  • Before use, check your harness for damage and frayed stitching.
  • Store it safely, not in the back of the van or on the floor!
  • Ensure any damaged equipment is replaced immediately.
  • Ensure that harnesses are adjusted properly to ensure that you stay in it.
  • In a full harness, free fall should not exceed 2 metres, in other types; free fall should not exceed 0.6 metres.
  • Ensure that a Rescue Procedure for rescue is in place before you use the harness, don’t ask what it is when you need it!

 REMEMBER: Harnesses won’t prevent a fall, but can reduce the risk of injury, if used properly!



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