Road and Street Works

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Consider road users:

• Ensure all appropriate warning signs are displayed and correctly positioned
• Cone off a tapered, lead-in zone to ease traffic movement past the works
• Erect barriers around all excavations and position lighting for safety at night
• Allow sufficient footway for pedestrians to pass or barrier off a temporary footway
• Clear mud from the road or footway as soon as is practical
• Carry out activities which create dust or debris in a manner and location so third parties are not adversely affected
• Position plant and equipment so that no part of it encroaches into the safety zone
• Do not store tools, materials, equipment or plant in the safety zone
• Site traffic entering or leaving the works must not endanger other road users

Personal Safety:

• Ensure that a coned off safety zone exists around the works
• Wear high visibility clothing, safety helmet and safety footwear at all times
• Wear other PPE that is necessary for the job in hand
• Do not enter a safety zone in the normal course of your work
• Wash hazardous substances off exposed skin immediately – wear barrier creams
• Protect yourself against sunburn – 40,000 cases of skin cancer occur each year
• Take the correct precautions when underground services are to be uncovered

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