Quality Management

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What is Quality? What is Quality Management? How is Quality Management implemented? How does it help our business?

Who specifies the requirements? OUR CLIENTS! QUALITY IN is all about making sure our customers/clients are happy by satisfying their requirements.

Quality Management is just a documented set of processes.
It’s a tidy way of formalizing what we do in our everyday lives as a company. It’s the way we manage our resources. It’s the way we sort out any issues. It’s the way we win new projects. It’s how we design our projects. It’s how we plan our projects. – It’s how we select our suppliers and subcontractors. It’s the way we handover our projects to our Clients. It’s the way we communicate with our Clients. It’s how we record and report what is happening on our sites. It’s the way of avoiding the mistakes from the past. It’s the way we improve as a business.

How does the Quality Management help?
If we know what we are doing, then we can only improve and become better, Plan. Recognize an opportunity and plan a change. Test the change. Carry out a small-scale study. Check. Review the test, analyise the results and identify what you’ve learned. Act. Take action based on what you learned in the study. If the change did not work, go through the cycle again with a different plan. If you were successful, incorporate what you learned from the test into wider changes. Use what you learned to plan new improvements, beginning the cycle again.

How is Quality Management implemented?
Set up objectives and how to work in your Quality Plan/Manual/Policies Quality Procedures.
Make sure that you have clearly understood your Clients requirements for every Project. If something is not clear, it must be clarified before it’s too late.

  • Plan your Projects (realistically…)
  • Communicate effectively and with transparency every change or issue.
  • Ensure that all of the required documentation is in place.
  • Make an exceptional handover of every project.
  • Keep a record of what went wrong and learn from that.

How does Quality Management help our business?
Financial losses IF WE DON’T DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: – we have to pay to repair it – we will lose time (delays) – we risk safety – bad reputation (losing new projects) – poor morale of the workforce – disallowed costs – dispute adjudications (additional legal costs).

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