Safety Committees


C2 Safety can chair and manage your safety committee

Why choose C2 for Safety Committees?

By appointing us to sit in on or chair companies safety committees the meetings are more likely to:

  • Happen!
  • Address and resolve specific issues quicker
  • Instant feedback – we know the law
  • Be less likely to be distracted by non-safety related employee relations issues.
  • Finish on time

Use a Safety Committee to:

  • Review Risk Assessments
  • Examine Safety Audit Reports
  • Consider reports submitted by safety representatives
  • Consider reports and factual information provided by HSE Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers

Safety committees should:

  • Be representative of the whole organisation
  • Develop Safe Systems of Work and Safety Procedures
  • Analyse accidents and causes of notifiable occupational diseases
  • Monitor the effectiveness of Health and Safety Training
  • Monitor and review the adequacy of Health and Safety Communication and Publicity within the workplace
  • Continuously monitor all arrangements for Health and Safety and suggest revisions to them whenever necessary
  • Consult with employees on issues regarding changes affecting Health and Safety
  • Consult with employees on provision of training

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