Method Statements


A ‘Method Statement’ is a term that is predominantly used to describe a document that gives specific instructions on how to safely perform a work related task, or operate a piece of plant or equipment.

A method statement is a useful way of recording the hazards involved in specific tasks and communicating the risks and precautions to all parties involved.

It is law to have a written Safe System of Work in place if you employ 5 or more people. Once implemented a method statement coupled with a risk assessment can function as your safe system.

Typically a method statement will include;

  • Contract details
  • A breakdown of what is needed
  • Sequence of works
  • Tools needed
  • Details of those doing the work
  • Significant hazards presented
  • Details of dangerous substances
  • What to do in the event of an emergency including location of medical provision

They need to be both site and job specific, some advisors believe that a method statement should be written for every risk highlighted. This is not the case however the method statement should be sufficient for the works being carried out.

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