Fire Extinguishers

We offer both an outright purchase or a rental scheme.

Fire Extinguisher Purchase

When a client purchases an extinguisher we deliver, commission and install it.

extinguishersWe offer a fixed price per unit for the purchase, commissioning and installation.

We are able to offer this for the following extinguishers:

  • Water up to 9lt
  • Foam up to 9lt
  • CO2 up to 2kg
  • Powder up to 9kg
  • Other extinguisher available on request. (e.g. larger, and specialist extinguishers)

Once we have installed the extinguishers they will need to serviced on an annual basis. For this we charge a call out and then a service charge per extinguisher for a basic service with all parts included.

Unlike our competitors we do not give our engineers any commission for up-selling extinguishers and signage.

Fire Extinguisher Rental

Alternatively many of our clients would prefer to reduce the initial capital outlay and on-going servicing costs by renting extinguishers from us.

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