First Aid

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Before first aid is required

  • Ensure you know where the first-aid kit is kept
  • Know who the first-aider and appointed persons are
  • You must have a small travelling first-aid kit if you are working in a small group away from the main site or if you use potentially   dangerous tools or machinery
  • Know where the phone is and understand the procedure for calling the emergency services

When first aid is required

  • Remove the hazard from the casualty if safe to do so
  • Call for help, e.g. first-aider
  • Send someone to phone for an ambulance if necessary
  • Don’t move the casualty, unless in immediate danger
  • Remain with the casualty and give reassurance
  • Make the casualty as comfortable as possible
  • Don’t give drinks or food to casualty, moisten lips only
  • Don’t allow the casualty to smoke

Basic first aid may save a life

  • Do you know how to resuscitate and start the heart?
  • Do you know how to stop major bleeding?
  • Do you know how to treat scolds, burns and shock?
  • If you don’t, you need to think about first-aid training

Other considerations

  • First-aid cover must include shift work
  • Someone must have responsibility for restocking first-aid boxes
  • The first-aid equipment provided must be appropriate for the nature of the work and the number of operatives
  • First-aiders should be easy to identify – usually a sticker on the safety helmet

Who are your company first-aiders? Where are your first-aid kits? what actions should you take in the event of an emergency and where is the nearest emergency telephone?


If you are interested in First Aid Training speak to your Advisor or phone our First Aid partners Jaylee on 03303 230 240                                                                                            

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