First Aid

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What is First Aid?

First Aid is emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before next level care such as a paramedic or doctor arrives.

First aid is often referred to as the 3 P’s:

Preserve life – preservation of life is to stop the injured person from deteriorating.

Prevent further injury– to stop the injured person becoming injured further.

Promote recovery– to help the injury person heal their injuries.


FAW- First Aid at Work:A first aider at work is trained to give first aid treatment in the event of an injury or illness. This level of training is designed for workplaces that fall into a higher risk category (e.g. engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, chemicals) and for workplaces with a variety of underlying health conditions (e.g. heart problems, diabetes anaphylaxis, high blood pressure, etc).
The FAW also provides comprehensive training for those who are required to be the designated first aider within their workplace.

EFAW- Emergency First Aide at Work:
Emergency First Aid at Work for workplaces that fall into a low risk category. This can also be used for staff for those who wish to support a designated First Aid.

Appointed Person:
Appointed persons role includes looking after the first-aid equipment and facilities and calling the emergency services when required. They can also provide emergency cover, within their role and competence, where a first-aider is absent due to unforeseen circumstances (annual leave does not count). To fulfil their role, appointed persons do not need first-aid training. However, emergency first-aid training courses are available.

Things to consider:

  • Whether is there a requirement for car first aid kits or personal first aid kits and the content requirements. HSE has published further guidance on first aid equipment which gives advice on the minimum contents of a first-aid kit.
  • Regularly checking first aid kits for out of date items.
  • The amount of first aiders required.
  • Facilities or a first aid room with a sink with hot and cold running water.
  • Make sure you protect people’s personal details by storing records confidentially in a secure place.
  • All employees are giving details of the first aid arrangements.
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