Do Mobile Phones Cause Accidents?

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One of the causes of work-related fatalities is vehicle accidents. Most companies have at least one vehicle, if not a whole fleet of vehicles and their drivers face the hazards of the highway day after day.

In more and more companies, mobile phones are being used by construction, service and delivery personnel, as well as by management levels.

Having a mobile telephone in the car can be an advantage when used to call emergency services.

Reported Hazards Associated With Mobile Phones:

  • Users are said to be distracted from defensive driving practices, and less responsive to traffic situations. When they do react, their response time is found to be longer
  • People on the phone are more likely to have intense conversations that involve problem solving which is more distracting than chatting with a passenger
  • Passengers in the car often alert drivers to dangerous situations, and stop talking at such times, in contrast to someone on the other end of the line who is unaware of the traffic situation
  • Mobile phone users may be concentrating on dialing a number or handling the equipment and fail to notice a stop light, traffic sign, or a vehicle in front of them
  • Not only the driver on the phone, but other drivers on the roadway are at increased risk if a mobile phone user is the ultimate cause of an accident

Safety Reminders For Mobile Phone Users:

  • Keep conversations short and sweet. Develop ways to get free of long winded friends and associates while on the road. Don’t use the mobile phone for social calls
  • Hang up in tricky traffic situations without warning if necessary, safe driving takes precedence over telephone etiquette. You can explain later because you’ll still be alive!
  • Resist dialing a number while on the move
  • Keep even more distance between you and the car ahead of you than normally recommended
  • Only use “hands-free” speakerphone system, so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road– and still keep talking

All drivers are at risk of having a vehicle accident before, during or after work, and the use of a mobile phone may increase this risk. Concentrate on the above reminders! Don’t become a statistic!

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